Sunday, April 8, 2012

Color Block Dress Trend

Nowadays, celebrities can be seen mixing and matching many bright colors in an outfit for a futuristic yet sophisticated look. These celebs are showing everyone how to get perfect color block effect with no efforts.

Recently, Hollywood babes like Cheryl Cole, Iman, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian and more were photographed rocking this Spring/Summer must-have trend.

Color block ensembles look so flattering, vibrant and comfortable. Not just clothes, color blocking effect can also be done on shoes, handbags and other fashion accessories for a fun-edgy look.

Combination of hot pink and fluorescent, coral and violet, or orange, green and yellow; may sound like crazy, but it will give perfect color blocked look. You can also create your own color blocked pieces that will make everyone’s eyes pop.

This trend is the easiest and affordable way to add punch to one’s personality. It transforms simple clothes into unique and trendy pieces to create a fresh new look for Spring.

Those who are afraid of bold colors can wear color blocked pieces by using basic color combinations for attract attention and make a bold statement. It will definitely give your wardrobe an instant update.

So, for a bold and sassy appearance, this season mix and match all colors of rainbow. You are sure to look super stylish and hot, this season.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Taylor Swift Latest Hairstyles Red Carpet

Hey guyz here are some awesome Taylor Swift hairstyles.
These are super cute and exquisite for any special occasion.

Floral Jeans Fashion 2012

Floral Jeans are so hot right now. Celebs are wearing them everywhere..

Naya Rivera Latina May 2012 Cover

Naya Rivera covers Latina magazine May 2012 issue. This sexy Glee babe smiles on cover page in super sexy striped top and striped skirt with Chanel belt. Here is her interview from magazine.

On her debut album deal with Columbia Records: “So far I’m doing some awesome club songs that are fun to dance to…” Glee co-creator and executive producer Ryan Murphy says, “She can and will be on the radio.”

On playing a newly out-of-the-closet lesbian on Glee: “I get so many tweets a day from people thanking me and saying how the role has changed their lives, enabling them to come out.”

On her character’s impending graduation on Glee: “Personally, I want to stay on the show for as long as they’ll have me. I see it as my little home base.”

On being compared to J.Lo: “I would love to be where she is one day.” According to Muprhy, Rivera will one day reach Jennifer Lopez status. “I’m friends with Jennifer, and they’re both beautiful, fun, talented and ambitious,” Murphy says.

On being raised a devout Christian and discussing her beliefs: “It’s hard and sort of sad that you do feel like you need to tread lightly when you say, “Yes, I do go to church and I read the Bible,’ because once you do that people will be like, ‘Why are her boobs out? Why is her midriff showing? Why is she playing a lesbian?’ I don’t want to deal with that stuff, and so I’ve never really discussed it. It’s very personal.”

On preferring on-set high school to the real thing: “I always knew I liked being on sets more than anything in the world, especially high school…I was super flat chested and really skinny. I didn’t have any boyfriends and didn’t go to any high school dances.”

Hilary Duff Baby Luca Photos

Hilary Duff shared an adorable photo of her 2-week-old baby boy on Luca

Friday, April 6, 2012

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Dating 2012

American socialite Kim Kardashian steps out with new beau Kanye West..Look so hawt together

Brooklyn Decker Pink Hair Streaks

Brooklyn Decker Pink Hair Streaks

The model and actress Brooklyn Decker wears eye-popping pink hair streaks at at 'Battleship' Premiere in South Korea recently..

Hot or Not??????????

Prom hairstyles For Girls 2012

Hey girls!!! Want to try out hot and alluring hairstyles for your prom party?
Then check out these celebrity inspired hairstyles
These are chic, smart and super hot...

Ponytail Hairstyle: If you want to creat girly and innocence look, try out ponytail.

Curly Updo: Curly updo give mature and more polsihed look.

Headband Hairstyle: This type of style provides romantic touch to your appearance.

Half Up Half Down: For a gorgeous look, wear Half Up Half Down hair 'do.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Titanic Returns To The Big Screen In 3D | Titanic In A New Avatar | Titanic 3D Trailer 2012

Titanic premiered in 1997 and went on to become the second-highest grossing film of all-time, making more than $1.8 billion worldwide. Critics loved the film just as much as fans, as proved by its 11 Oscar wins, including the best Picture. Film comes back to the big screen just in time for the 100-year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic on April. .Besides getting a 3D makeover, the film will be largely the same as it was 15 years ago, with a PG-13 rating and a run time of more than three hours.Titanic, starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, earned more than $1.8 billion at the global box office. Before inflation is taken into account, it is second only to Cameron’s 3D sci-fi adventure “Avatar”, which grossed $2.8 billion, in the all-time ticket sale rankings.

Titanic is a romatic story , it stars Jack Dawson, Rose DeWitt Bukater,  Old Rose, and  Rose's fiancĂ©, Cal Hockley. Jack and Rose are members of different social classes who fall in love aboard the ship during its ill-fated maiden voyage. Rose story complete, Rose goes alone to the stern of Lovett's ship. There she takes out the Heart of the Ocean, which has been in her possession all along, and drops it into the ocean.convey the emotional message of the tragedy, and felt that a love story interspersed with the human loss would be essential to achieving this.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Katrina Kaif chooses Shahrukh Khan over Rs. 1 crore offer | Know About Bollywood Actress


Katrina Kaif chooses Shahrukh Khan over Rs 1 crore offer,The buzz was that the 27-year-old would get the whopping amount just to walk the ramp for 10 minutes in an upcoming fashion show in Kochi.but the actor turned down the offer because she had already allotted her dates to the Shahrukh Khan starrer romantic flick London Ishq.We know that Bollywood can do anything for Shahrukh Khan and Katrina we think has set a new example to reaffirm this adage..
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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Salman Khan Get Married with Katrina Kaif | Bollywood Breaking News

Mumbai: When we received the news of the most eligible bachelor – also perhaps the actor who has apparently been a bachelor for the longest time in contemporary times – Salman Khan (bollywood actors) tying the knot, we too were in for a huge shock. But this time, Cupid has managed to win over Salman (bollywood actors). Yes, no speculation here, Salman (bollywood actors)  has embraced the state of holy matrimony in a highly secretive ceremony – with his once-lady love Katrina Kaif.
The story above is purely a work of fiction, and any resemblance to anybody living or dead is coincidental and purely intended. We wish you a very happy April Fool’s Day!
Happy April Fool’s Day! (^_^)
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Feet Mehndi Designs 2012 | Bridal Mehandi Designs For Girls | Spring Feet Mehndi

Many women and girls like to apply mehndi designs on foot along with the hands too. The designs and the way of applying mehndi on foot is very different that that of hands. The mehndi is gently designed over the upper side of the food. The women who designs mehndi over her.  latest Mehndi designs for footis very likeable by the girls. Mostly these designs are adopted on the New year Party, Wellcomed party, Eid, Christmas, Birthday, Wedding and other religious festivals. The mehndi pasted on the foot is becoming the latest fashion because as earlier the women are not pastedthe mehndi designs on foot. Some old and ancesstors women are only placed the mehndi. Those women are not pasted the designs like on the hands.Basically this trends come from the saudi arabia and this trend make the success in western countries also. The western Countries are also loved to applying the mehndi designs on their body parts.Mehndi was a culture, but in today’s fashion world, Mehndi is becoming an art. Mehndi henna art on the quality of the artists showing their work is excellent. But here, we share some henna Oasis, where his designs represent great artists of Indian Mehndi Designs, Arabic Mehndi Latest Design, Fashion and Bridal henna body art of Mehndi .In  some form of Mehndi  work is excellent. Let’s take a look at her Mehndi designs amazing. Indian Mehndi Designs are available in the markets. You can choose the various but classical designs from the various sites as well. foot should not walk until the mehndi dries in order to prevent the design from getting spoiled.